Blue skys, open still water, stunning surroundings

Just returned from the most amazing week away as this picture hopefully illustrates, a picture tells a 1000 words and all that! Blue skys, open still water, stunning surroundings, just underrated peace and quiet. And we didn’t even leave the country!! So we avoided queues, tedious check ins and soul sapping budget airlines saving not only our pennies but made sure we kept our carbon foot print to a minimum too. Living the green dream courtesy of North Norfolk! Apart from the the few hours drive up we pretty much relied on walking everywhere or pedal power via Ethal (the love affair continues). Admittedly we were lucky with the weather and had blue skys and sunny days for most of the week which meant the beach was the activity of choice for most days. Sea and sand provinding hours of entertainment for the both little one and TP meaning Mummy here could catch some much needed rays and some serious reading time. Simple things but utter bliss from crabbing on Blakeny Quay to actually eating them at the heavenly Wiveton Hall Cafe followed by strawberry picking (and much eating). I know it sounds like something out of an Enid Blighton book but it really was the quintessential way back when England of time gone by. Combined with the Olympic fever it really did make us feel smuggly British and proud of our fair Isles - and about time too.  I now just need to persude TP to take more time off work so we can go again…..

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