left over Fridays

We’ve decided albeit belatedly to take up the meat free monday challenge and also make our own up for ‘left over Fridays’ although we admit not quite the same ring to it. The idea is to eat more sustainably and not be so reliant on the protein element to save pennies, the plant and our ever expanding waistlines….. Our other halves or TPs to be known as going forward (both partners plumbers weirdly parallel lives) are not impressed being committed carnivores and alpha males (they wish). To make it slightly less daunting initially Mandy and I decided to take it in turns one week she does Mondays and I do Fridays and vice versa. Yesterday was meant to be Mandy’s (aka Green) first Monday however on catching up in the office this morning I was met with: I ran out of time last night do you think I can do meat free Tuesday instead?!

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